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Barriers to active involvement of women from vulnerable groups in the labor market

Association “Women’s Forum” Tetovo in partnership with Association “Golden Hand” Tetovo  prepared analysis on factors that negatively influence the low participation rate of the women from vulnerable groups on the labour market. This analysis is prepared in the course of implementatio
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Three modular mentoring program “Gender inn budget planning”

During October and November 2016 was conducted three modular training program “Gender in budget planning” for the selected monitoring teams targeted within the program for strengthening knowledge and skills of 4 local women’s NGOs: Women organization – Strumica; Association for the Ad
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Macedonia – Kosovo Gender Equality Cross – Border Cooperation Network

Within the 2 years project “Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Across Borders” was established cross border network of 14 NGOs from Macedonia and Kosovo that declared to continue the cross-border cooperation through establishment and further development of informal networking for achie
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Closing event of the project „Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Across Borders”

Akcija Zdruzenska on 22nd of Novmber in Public Room in Skopje organized closing event of the project „Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Across Borders” for presenting the specific results and achievements of the project. On the event was established cross border cooperation network fo
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  • Institutional Support Global Fund for Women

    Duration: 01/07/2015 – 01/07/2016 Source of funding: Global Fund for Women (www.globalfundforwomen.org) The purpose to support the implementation of program activities of Akcija Zdruzhenska for 2015/2016 aimed at: Strengthening and support young women as future competent and influential activists through training and internship (involvement in planning and implementation of watch- dog, advocacy and campaigning activities); Preventing further marginalization of the gender equality and women’s rights issues, through maintaining the public debate based on collected and analyzed relevant data on the gap between the intentions of the adopted legislation and policies for gender equality and efforts and resources for its practical implementation, as well as needs articulated by women themselves; Increasing the competences of the institutional actors (especially gender equality machinery and administration) to implement the gender equality policy obligations through development and advocating practical implementing tools and training; and Strengthening organizational capacities of Akcija Zdruzhenska
  • Advocating gender inclusive local budgets

    Duration: 01/07/2016 - 31/03/2018 Source of funding: Civica Mobilitas, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation project that is implemented by NIRAS from Denmarк, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) and the Swedish Institute for Public Administration (SIPU) (www.civicamobilitas.mk) Overall Objective: Advancement of gender equality issues in the program planning and budgeting at the local level. Expected Results: Strengthened knowledge and skills of women’s NGOs for monitoring and advocating the specific needs of women in the budgeting processes of the local self-government (LSG); Gathered relevant data on the priority needs identified by women in the local communities and their treatment in the budgeting processes; Promoted relevance of the issue of gender equality in the managing of public finances among women from the community, local activists, and local authorities.
  • Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Across Borders

    Duration: 24/11/2014 - 24/11/2016 Source of funding: European Union IPA Cross Border with Kosovo (www.eeas.europa.eu/csdp/missions-and-operations/proxima-fyrom/index_en.htm) Objectives: To establish a cross-border network of women organizations active in gender mainstreaming at local and regional level. Specific objectives of the action include: Empower local NGOs to forward the gender mainstreaming agenda; Raise organizational capacities of local women organizations in the project covered area; Technical assistance in exercising watchdog functions; Improve local and national media coverage of women-related topics. Expected Results: Raised capacities of women organizations in the project area; Improved quality of data and effective dissemination of the same; Facilitated exchange of experiences and networking across borders to addressing common concerns; Produced practical tools for day-to-day operations such as the manual on gender policies at EU level and utilized at both central and local advocacy initiatives. In the long run, the action is expected to strengthen the women rights agenda both in Kosovo and Macedonia and reduce capacity differences between centred and periphery organizations.



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