Gender Equality in Local Budgets

Duration: 21/01/2015 – 20/07/2016 Source of funding: Foundation Open Society Macedonia implementer of the USAID funded project for Civil Society

Objectives: Advancing the knowledge and skills of women NGOs for monitoring ad advocating for the specific needs of women in the budget processes of the local self-government units; Providing relevant information on the priority needs expressed precisely by the women in the community; Informing the public/women in the community about the relevance of gender equality in the public finance management

Expected Results: Increased budget literacy of the local women organizations; Developed and applied methodological tool for monitoring budget planning from a gender perspective; Provided public information for gender treatment within the budget processes; Developed recommendations for introducing gender in the budget processes; Conducted participatory research of the priority needs among the women in the community; Identified priority issues for advocating within the budget planning process; Conducted campaign for stimulating the interest of the women in the community on issues related to public finances.