Call for experts for preparing a manual on EU gender equality related policies

Call for experts

for preparing a manual on EU gender equality related policies



The Association for advancement of gender equality Akcija Zdruzhenska – Skopje is looking for interested experts for preparing a manual on the EU gender equality related policies under the project “Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Across Broders ”, supported by the EU in the framework of the IPA instrument for cross – border cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo.


The goal of the project is to establish a cross – border network of women’s organizations active in the field of gender mainstreaming on the local and regional level by means of empowering local NGOs to forward the gender mainstreaming agenda; strengthening the organizational capacities of the local women’s organizations in the region covered by the project; providing technical support in exercising watchdog functions; and, improving the media coverage of women – related topics both on the local and national level.


The project is implemented in cooperation with Kosovo Gender Studies Center – Prishtina in partnership with Community Development Institute – Tetovo and the Centre for Counselling and Support for Women Dora Dorës – Prizren and it covers the region with the following municipalities: Gostivar, Vrapchishte, Mavrovo and Rostushe, Tetovo, Bogovinje, Brvenica, Zhelino, Jegunovce and Tearce (Macedonia) and Prizren, Suhareka, Malisheva, Dragash, Rahovec and Mamusha (Kosovo).



Description of the working tasks

The primary objective of the assignment is to develop a manual, designed to serve as a universal and practical tool for the civil society organizations from Macedonia and Kosovo in support to their advocacy efforts for advancement of gender equality agenda within the EU accession process.


The manual is planned as a relevant resource for the civil associations on both sides of the border that is to provide a strategic vision and their consequent positioning within the European integration process, and to utilize the process to promote the presence and treatment of the issues of women’s rights and gender equality on the political agenda.


The manual is to be developed in a way to provide basic understanding and key information on their role, guidance for the contexts and manner in which gender equality issues can be advocated within the EU accession process, taking into consideration the principles, policies and strategic approaches of the European Union in promoting gender equality.


Particular importance in the content preparation should be attached to the process of reporting on the country’s progress towards EU accession, as well as to the preparation of the guidance that need to be practical and simple to use and to the most effective ways in which civil organizations may contribute with information on the progress in different areas that are relevant for promoting women’s human rights and gender equality.


The manual is to encompass visually organized, simple, easily understandable and applicable contents that include the following thematic issues:


  1. Background information on the EU and key contracts that treat issues of equality
  2. EU legislation on gender equality
  3. Gender relevant policies, priorities, monitoring and funding system
  4. EU strategic approach to the promotion of gender equality (Dual Approach)
  5. Accession process/liabilities of the candidate countries
  6. Monitoring and reporting on the progress of the candidate countries
  7. The role and participation of civil society organizations in monitoring and reporting on the progress in promoting gender equality
  8. Practical guidance for gender equality advocacy (key chapters and specific gender-relevant issues that are subject to monitoring, addressing issues, participating in consultations, preparing documents as contribution, etc.).


The content of the final version of the manual is limited to a maximum of 60 pages.


Type of contract and compensation

The engagement is based on fee per service provided: Manual on the EU policies on gender equality in English. The service also includes presentation of the content of the Manual on one day event organized by the Contracting authority.


Deadline for delivery of the service is 31 January 2016.

The fee for the service provided is EUR 2000 gross in MKD. The amount includes all costs associated with the engagement.



Applicants should possess the following qualifications and skills:


  • University degree;
  • Expertise in the field of gender and gender relations;
  • Excellent knowledge of EU institutions, legislation and policies;
  • Experience and participation in the monitoring and reporting process of the accession of new members
  • Knowledge in the field of participatory engagement in policy making and public advocacy;
  • Previous experience in the preparation of the same or similar products.


Required documentation

The offer must contain the following:

  • Detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Letter of interest with references to previously prepared similar publications/tools.


Criteria for selection:

  • Expertise and previous experience in preparation of the same or similar products


Registration deadline

Offers must be submitted by 09 December 2015 to the following e-mail:

Call for Expert