As its key resource for the implementation of activities, especially of those undertaken on local level, Akcija Zdruzenska has a professional team composed of 9 women trainers qualified for designing and implementing education programs with various target groups in the fields of gender issues, women’s rights, and topics related with NGO’s organizational development.

The team has been trained within the two-year Train the Trainers Program for Women’s NGOs in Macedonia, carried out as part of FOSIM’s Women’s Program in the period 2000-2002, and in cooperation with Team TRI – a professional team of instructors from former Yugoslav countries, at the same time being prominent activists of the women’s movement.

Since its establishment in May 2002 till now, through the application of the most contemporary methods of knowledge transfer and experience-based learning, the team has delivered more than 90 seminars and workshops in which more than 400 non-governmental organizations have taken part.