Institutional Support (Global Fund for Women)

Duration: 01/07/2015 – 01/07/2016 Source of funding: Global Fund for Women

The purpose to support the implementation of program activities of Akcija Zdruzhenska for 2015/2016 aimed at: Strengthening and support young women as future competent and influential activists through training and internship (involvement in planning and implementation of watch- dog, advocacy and campaigning activities); Preventing further marginalization of the gender equality and women’s rights issues, through maintaining the public debate based on collected and analyzed relevant data on the gap between the intentions of the adopted legislation and policies for gender equality and efforts and resources for its practical implementation, as well as needs articulated by women themselves; Increasing the competences of the institutional actors (especially gender equality machinery and administration) to implement the gender equality policy obligations through development and advocating practical implementing tools and training; and Strengthening organizational capacities of Akcija Zdruzhenska